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Cannabis Shelf/ Stability Studies


Ensure shelf stability and longevity of your products with a shelf-life study at Columbia Labs!

Shelf-life studies have been a staple of food safety in America for decades and are rising as a regulatory requirement across several emerging industries, especially cannabis and hemp-infused products needing to qualify for import, export and consumption. Columbia has been testing food with these methods for decades… and now offer all tests validated on cannabis products as well.

“We chose Columbia Laboratories based on their reputation for quality testing in the Food & Beverage industry,” Jacob Crabtree, CEO Columbia Hemp Trading Co. “We also quickly discovered their commitment to excellence in cannabis testing and are thrilled to consider them part of our team!”

Columbia Labs ensures reliable shelf life and stability data by providing proficiency reports and maintaining ISO, TNI, OREPLAP, CDPHE accreditations and certifications-all available upon request.

Shelf-life data gives insight for shelf stability, longevity, rancidity, micro growth and ingredient quality for cannabis derived and cannabis infused products. You can even test for potency change over time. Each test has validated per product category, using state of the art instrumentation, such as PCR for pathogen testing.

Available in real-time or accelerated studies, each study costs $100 for set up fee and the cost of testing at the various intervals.

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