Our Process - Cannabis Services

Columbia Laboratories History of Cannabis Testing

  • The first TNI certified/​ORELAP accred­ited Cannabis testing lab in Oregon
  • The first ISO accred­ited Cannabis testing lab in Oregon
  • The only cannabis testing lab in Oregon to offer addi­tional services such as nutri­tional and envi­ron­mental testing
  • Leads the industry with ethical busi­ness prac­tices and perti­nent method development
For consul­ta­tion on services, volume-based discounts, please contact customer service with your inquiry and we will be happy to work with you.
CBD Concept. Marijuana leaves in the hands of men on natural backgrounds.

Cannabis testing methods


Accu­rate potency results are crit­ical for final product formu­la­tions, defining safe dosages and legally defen­sible label claims.
Your product and busi­ness repu­ta­tion depends on accu­rate potency results.

  • Potency- Basic Profile (all regu­lated cannabinoids)
  • Potency- Extended Profile (includes over 25 cannabinoids)
  • Potency- Arti­fi­cially Derived Cannabi­noids Profile (ADCs)
  • Potency- High Purity: Pure prod¬ucts (>95%) such as Isolates and Terpenes.
We prove our accu­racy and preci­sion through third party profi­ciency testing. Our best-in-class method­olo­gies, coupled with the most powerful instru­ments avail­able bolster our clients with legally defen­sible results, every time.


We are the pesti­cide experts. Columbia Labs performs the most compre­hen­sive testing in the hemp/​canna industry, from seed to sale. See below for market-specific testing profiles.

  • Pesti­cides – Oregon:

    Regu­lated list for cannabis, 59 analytes.
    Matrices: soil, veg, extracts, infused products.

  • Pesti­cides – CanAM:

    Covers analytes and LOQs for USA recre­ational cannabis state’s requirement’s AND Health Canada- combined.
    Matrices: Terpenes, Cannabis Extracts and infused products.

  • Pesti­cides – California:

    Regu­lated list and format­ting for Cali­fornia cannabis.
    Matrices: soil, veg, extracts, infused products.

  • Pesti­cides – Multi-Residue Screen:

    More than 370 analytes. Refer­ence National Organic Profile.
    Matrices: soil, veg, extracts, infused products.

Columbia is one of the few labs that offer testing in cannabis for:
  • Glyphosate: ISO accred­ited for cannabis matrices. Commonly known as RoundUp™.
  • Customized pesti­cide-profiles or herbi­cide damage profiles” avail­able upon request
  • Imida­zoli­none Herbi­cides;​“imi” type of herbi­cides such as Pursuit®, Arsenal®, Scepter®, Raptor®, and Cadre®.

Residual Solvents

When solvents are used to extract cannabi­noids and terpenes from the plant mate­rial, the residual mate­rial left in the prod­ucts is regu­lated with action levels to ensure safe consump­tion and inhalation.

  • Residual Solvents – Oregon: regu­lated list
  • Residual Solvents – Cali­fornia: Cat 1 and Cat 2 testing, CA MRLs
  • Residual Solvents – Health Canada: avail­able for Terpenes extracts and infused products
  • Residual Solvents – USP 467
We offer several residual solvent profiles so you can ensure the product is compliant, impu­rity-free, and made with a high-quality process that purges impu­ri­ties by testing for Residual Solvents.

Heavy Metals

Metals can be intro­duced at many control points and are carcino­genic at certain levels. Cannabis absorbs metals from soil, air and water, may become cont­a­m­i­nated during processing.

We test for metals using ICP/MS. We offer testing in many different types of samples including water, soil, extracts, topi­cals and edibles at very low levels of detec­tion, to ensure consumer safety.

  • Heavy Metals Profile: Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead
  • Minerals


Molds that produce myco­toxins are present in many crops, from nuts to coffee beans to cannabis.
We offer myco­toxins profile that hit any state require­ments for cannabis as well as an expanded profile that goes beyond current regulations.

Columbia Labs uses LC/MS/MS to quan­tify the following mycotoxins:

  • Afla­toxin B1, B2, G1, G2
  • Deoxyni­valenol (DON)
  • Fumon­isin B1 & B2
  • Ochra­toxin A & B
  • T‑2 & HT‑2 Toxins
  • Zear­alenone (ZON)

Terpene Profiling

Terpenes give cannabis it’s distinc­tive flavor and aroma. These compounds may enhance cannabis prod­ucts’ effec­tive­ness and define quality.

Columbia Labs tests for terpenes using GC/MS, show­casing your prod­ucts with a 40-terpene profile.


Columbia consis­tently scores at or near 100% in micro­bi­ology profi­ciency testing from the Amer­ican Profi­ciency Institute.

We provide AOAC methods for a wide range of sectors including:

  • Pathogen testing
  • Quality indi­ca­tors
  • Sani­ta­tion monitoring
  • Product testing
  • Confir­ma­tion and consul­ta­tion for your in-house QC lab

Rapid return for pathogen testing. (2 Day Turnaround)

Services are offered a la cart and several recom­mended profiles for cannabis and infused prod­ucts are avail­able, such as:

  • Profile G (recom­mended for topicals/​cosmetics)
    Aerobic Plate Count, Coliforms and E.Coli, Salmo­nella spp., Staphy­lo­coccus, Yeast and Mold
  • Profile X (recom­mended for edibles/​ingestible products) 
    Aerobic Plate Count, Ecoli O157, Listeria spp., Salmo­nella spp., Staphy­lo­coccus, Yeast and Mold

Shelf Life and Stability Studies

Columbia Labs offers real time studies and accel­er­ated studies for raw ingre­di­ents and infused products.

You can customize analyses and intervals:

  • Shelf life: testing micro­bi­o­log­ical cont­a­m­i­nants at inter­vals to estab­lish an expi­ra­tion or best-by date.
  • Stability: testing potency at inter­vals and tracking the conver­sion of cannabi­noids over time, while control­ling envi­ron­mental factors.
Our consul­tants will work with you to estab­lish time and testing para­me­ters for your study.


Columbia provides data for FDA nutri­tional labeling plus optional nutri­ents, vita­mins, major food allergens.

We also conduct analysis for quality para­me­ters, cont­a­m­i­nants, and preservatives.

  • Pet Food – Guar­an­teed Analysis 
    Calo­ries (Metab­o­liz­able Energy), Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Crude Fiber, Mois­ture (Loss on Drying), Ash
  • Oregon Cannabis Nutri­tion Label 
    Carbo­hy­drates, Calo­ries, Choles­terol, Sugars, Fat Sodium

Sampling/​Courier Services

Our trained sampling team is TNI-Accred­ited for Envi­ron­mental Sampling in Wash­ington and Oregon.

We are certi­fied to sample cannabis in Oregon and offer courier and sampling services throughout Oregon, upon request. To request Cannabis compli­ance sampling please fill out and return the down­load­able request form below.

Sampling Fees

  • Option to waive fees with an analyt­ical minimum
  • Range: $50 + $10/ sample to $150 + $10/ sample.
For ques­tions about sampling or to schedule a sampling event please email: sampling.​cfl@​tentamus.​com

CANAM Full Panel

Test for CPDHE, CA, OR, NY, FL and Cana­dian require­ments- all with one ulti­mate profile.

H0014 Potency – Cannabi­noid Basic Profile * J AOAC 2015 V98‑6 10g/​2g
H0042 Myco­toxins- Cannabis AOAC 2007.01 & EN 15662 (mod) 10g/​2g
H0013 Metals by ICP/MS (As, Cd, Pb & Hg) AOAC 2013.06 (mod) 10g/​2g
P2140 Pesti­cide – CanAm AOAC 2007.01 & EN 15662 (mod) 10g/​2g
H0024 Residual Solvents – CanAM EPA5021A 10g/​2g
M7000 Colorado Micro Profile (APC, STEC, Salmo­nella, Total Coliform, Yeast & Mold) 35 – 70g

H0030 Terpenes J AOAC 2015 V98‑6 10g/​2g
M284 Aspergillus profile Aspergillus in Cannabis 1g
CBD Concept. Marijuana leaves in the hands of men on natural backgrounds.

Cannabis – Oregon
(OLCC/ OHA) Compliance

We were the first Cannabis testing lab in Oregon, the first to be ISO accred­ited. We offer unri­valled accu­racy and customer care for OLCC compli­ance analysis.

From seed to sale, we accu­rately quan­tify safety and quality para­me­ters using:

  • Vetted methods
  • Advanced instru­men­ta­tion
  • Strict quality controls
  • Decades of expertise

Our services extend beyond state compli­ance require­ments, to repre­sent your prod­ucts in the open market with mean­ingful data. Services for hemp/​cannabis are ISO 17025:2017 accred­ited, as well as TNI certified.

OHA/OLCC regulations

OR Compli­ance Full Panel
H0014 Potency – Cannabi­noid Basic Profile * J AOAC 2015 V98‑6 10g/​2g
P2120 Pesti­cide – Oregon AOAC 2007.01 & EN 15662 (mod) 10g/​2g
H0008 Residual Solvents – Oregon EPA5021A 10g/​2g
H0042 Myco­toxins – Cannabis AOAC 2007.01 & EN 15662 (mod) 10g/​2g
H0013 Metals by ICP/MS (As, Cd, Pb & Hg) AOAC 2013.06 (mod) 10g/​2g
H0030 Terpenes J AOAC 2015 V98‑6 10g/​2g

Hemp – Colorado
(CDPHE) Compliance

We are CDPHE accred­ited, and offer more than just CDPHE compli­ance analysis, elevating our Colorado Hemp clients into new markets, while achieving CDPHE compli­ance and best practices.

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