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Tentamus Labs Testing in Trying Times

The 2020 wildfires have ripped through our urban and rural communities, blanketing consumable crops in ash, smoke and toxins—right before harvest. Tentamus offers toxins testing for consumer crops and can facilitate sample submission from our Pacific Northwest location, Columbia Laboratories. Click the image below to view and download a full-size PDF:  
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Columbia Laboratories Voted Top 5 Best CBD and Hemp Testing Labs in the Country

Columbia Laboratories was recently voted one of the Top 5 best CBD and hemp testing labs in the country by The CBD Insider! All labs considered were evaluated on seven factors provided by established CBD brands American Shaman, CBDistillery, CV Sciences/PlusCBD Oil, Lazarus Naturals, Medterra, Receptra Naturals, and Social CBD: Accreditation SOPs and testing Accuracy
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Update on Coronavirus: Tentamus Labs Remain Open

The Tentamus Group is thoroughly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and taking preventative measures to reduce the risk within our global operations. We are pleased to announce that all labs within the Tentamus Group remain open at this point in time. Tentamus is viewed by governmental authorities as a vital part of the food and pharmaceutical
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Columbia Laboratories Logo

Pixis Labs / Columbia Food Laboratories Merge Names to Become Columbia Laboratories

Please welcome Columbia Laboratories as the Pacific Northwest’s latest brand for high quality analytical testing. Formerly known collectively as “Pixis Labs” and “Columbia Food Laboratories,” the new name more accurately reflects their consolidated mission to support public health and safety though expanded testing options. In 2015 both long-standing Portland labs joined the global Tentamus Group.
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We are shocked! – Dark chocolates tested

They say chocolate makes you happy – but only if it is safe and of good quality! 24 different dark chocolates have been tested recently, but not all of them were found to be good. According to the Cocoa and Chocolate Products Regulation, chocolate is defined as a product containing at least 43% total dry
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DSI-pharm achieved GMP compliance for 400 MHz-NMR

In October 2020, a complete device qualification of the AscendTM 400 MHz-NMR (Picture 1) used by DSI-pharm was performed to achieve GMP ready status. This was carried out by GMP trained Bruker engineers and included testing the operation of the system to determine that it meets Bruker`s factory specifications as well as testing the computer
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Soil Sampling and Testing for Lead Contamination

The real estate market is booming as many purchases and renovations are taking place. If you are planning to upgrade the look of your older building or dwelling, you may want to consider implementing a soil sampling and testing program as a part of your renovation budget. According to the EPA, if your home was
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Expansion of facilities at Southern Microbiological Services

Southern Microbiological Services (SMS Ltd.) has been offering UKAS accredited microbiological testing services since it was established in 1987. The laboratory is also RSA approved. Located in West Buckland, near Wellington, it is ideally situated to service the food and drinks industry in the South West of England and further afield. In January 2019 SMS
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New method: variety identification of apples

Apples are one of the most popular fruits and there is an immense choice. These varieties differ e.g. in appearance and taste – some varieties are red, yellow or green and taste sweet or sour. lifeprint GmbH has now developed a new method for identifying 55 of the most popular apple varieties.   Identification of
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PAHs and mineral oils in rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing rapeseed. A distinction is made here between refined and cold-pressed oils. Cold pressed oils are produced without heat treatment and refined oils are obtained on the basis of different processing steps. Rapeseed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is mainly used for frying and
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Delicious pre-Christmas season with red cabbage

Red cabbage or blue cabbage? Depending on the growing region, the pH-value of the soil and also the method of preparation, it is called differently, but it is always the same vegetable. Also, the colder and more uncomfortable the weather becomes, the more you want a hearty meal with red cabbage as a side dish.
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food infection - correct - handling food

4 tips for handling food at home

In recent months, people people spent more time at home due to the corona pandemic.  Going to the canteen or out for lunch is often cancelled and everyone cooks more for themselves and their families. However, incorrect handling of food can lead to food infections.   What is a food infection?   Food infections are
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Frozen leaf spinach in test

Spinach has the image of being one of the healthiest vegetables out there. This might be due to a certain popular cartoon character or just simply hearing time and again how nutritious spinach is. However, not all spinach is all the same. A recent study of frozen leaf spinach showed that nearly half of the
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