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Test for Colorado’s New Hemp Regulations with Columbia Labs

CDPHE New Hemp Rules

Colorado’s latest hemp enforcement policy goes into effect as of July 1, 2021. The new testing regulations for hemp products made in Colorado are much more stringent and align with Health Canada’s requirements.

Columbia Laboratories currently offers all testing in-house for hemp extracts and will offer each profile, validated per matrix, by the July deadline. Columbia was one of the first labs to apply for approval and is confident they can hit the ground running.

“We already meet the pesticide requirements for hemp extracts, since we offer the Health Canada testing requirements,” Jen Stiles, Cannabis Operations Manager. “By July we will be ready to meet all the Colorado requirements for each product category.”

Updates include additional residual solvents, heavy metals, micro-organisms an extended list of pesticides, with lower LOQs. Each testing lab must be approved by the health department and all labs must be ISO accredited.

As the states align with one another and other countries, Columbia Laboratories continues to advance in-house testing capabilities to meet the various needs of the market- while maintaining the quality data our clients deserve.

In-house regulatory testing profiles include California, Health Canada, Oregon, Export LOQs.

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