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Tentamus donates to Berlin animal shelter

The analysis, safety and quality of animal feed is not just a service for the laboratories of the Tentamus Group, but a matter of the heart. Therefore, the team around the CEO’s Abgar Barseyten and Dr. Jochen P. Zoller has decided to donate to the Animal Welfare Association for Berlin (Tierschutzverein für Berlin).

The Tentamus Group would like to support the association in order to provide medical care, nursing and food for the animals even in times of a pandemic. The Berlin animal shelter has been caring for animals in need for 180 years and is financed almost exclusively by donations. Tentamus has therefore decided to donate 1,000 euros for the benefit of the animals.

 “Even apart from our analyses in the field of pet food, we would like to make a contribution to the health of animals. We are happy to support the Tierschutzverein Berlin with a donation”, encourages Abgar Barseyten, CEO of Tentamus Group.

The Tentamus Group regularly carries out analyses of animal feed and feedstuffs for its customers and also monitors the feed production processes. The aim here is above all to enable animals to live in good health and to ensure high-quality and safe feed. Analyses include: Microbiological tests, marketability tests, Weender analyses and FEDIAF comparison, ingredient checks, and tests for undesirable substances such as pesticides or mycotoxins.

Only regular quality controls can guarantee the safety of pet food and feed.

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