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Potency: Now 3 Day TAT with 20 Cannabinoids. More data, faster TAT- same price.

Now you get 20 cannabinoids on the standard potency profile for all cannabis matrices at Columbia Laboratories- for the same great price! 

“We have validated an additional 5 analytes with clear resolution to bolster the advancing science of cannabinoid minors,” said Kelly O’Connor, business development. “The additional data helps define controversial peaks, such as Delta 8 and Delta 9, and is vital for process formulation.”  

Please note the information below for sample submission: 

Validated Matrices: Flower/ Biomass, Crude, Oil (s), Infused products. 

Price: $80.00

TAT: 3 Business Days (potency only samples) 


Cannabinoid List: 

  1. CBC 
  2. CBC-A
  3. CBD 
  4. CBD-A 
  5. CBDV
  6. CBDV-A
  7. CBG
  8. CBG-A
  9. CBL
  10. CBN 
  11. D8-THC
  12. D9-THC 
  13. THC-A 
  14. THCV
  15. THCV-A
  16. CBT – NEW as of 4/5
  17. CBL – NEW as of 4/5
  18. CBE – NEW as of 4/5
  19. D8-THCV – NEW as of 4/5
  20. Exo THC – NEW as of 4/5 


Chain of Custody


How to Request 3 Day TAT for Potency only samples

  1. Use a separate COC for POTENCY ONLY samples. 
  2. List Potency-Standard in the column 
  3. Mark RUSH on the turnaround time request
  4. Sign and date the COC. 
  5. Print and send in with samples.
  6. Reports will be sent 3 business days from the time the sample was received. No Extra Charge. 

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