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New Hires lead to New Methods

Jonathan Bousselaire joins the Columbia Environmental Analyst II team, and hits the ground running with Waste-Water method developments- available this spring.

Jon brings more than 15 years of testing expertise to the Columbia Team, specializing in data validation and environmental compliance.

“We are making quick progress developing a method that combines Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs, for waste-water, stormwater, ground water, and soil,” said Bousselaire. “This testing profile empowers our clients to regulate and monitor waste-water for heavily regulated toxins.”



Q & A:

Q: What are PCBs?

A: Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls are Industrial Chemicals that have been banned in the USA since 1979 due to widespread and consistent water contamination. They are persistent in today’s water systems and toxic for consumption.

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