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Legionella Testing in Water

Protect your community and business against Legionaires’ disease outbreaks by monitoring water regularly for Legionella.

Columbia Laboratories now offers TNI accredited Legionella testing in water. Columbia Laboratories offers a suite of water and environmental testing, and Legionella testing is key to continuing to protect communities.

Should I test for Legionella?

Any water system, with the right environmental conditions, could be a source for Legionella bacteria growth. There is a reasonably foreseeable Legionella risk if your water system:

  • has a water temperature between 20–45 °C
  • creates and/or spreads breathable droplets, eg aerosol created by a cooling tower, or water outlets
  • stores and/or re-circulates water
  • likely to contain a source of nutrients for the organism to grow, eg rust, sludge, scale, organic matter and biofilms

The most common sources of legionella are in man-made water systems including:

There are also a number of other potential risk systems that may pose a risk to exposure to Legionella, eg humidifiers, air washers, emergency showers, indoor ornamental fountains etc.

Why test for Legionella Pneumophila?

Routine environmental sampling for Legionella is part of a proactive effort to reduce risk of Legionella growth and transmission in building water systems. It also validates the efficacy of water management programs.

  1. L. pneumophila causes 100% of deaths from Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks.
  2. L. pneumophila causes 97% of Legionnaires’ disease cases, based on data from cultures of 4,719 patients over 7 years in 17 countries.
  3. L. pneumophila is the most common species found in cooling towers.
  4. L. pneumophila is the only cause of Legionnaires’ disease cooling tower outbreaks.

How do I request testing?

Email: with your inquiry

  1. CL will send you collection materials, paperwork and instructions.
  2. Submit samples to Columbia Laboratories.
  3. Pay $79.00 per test sample.
  4. Reports will be emailed to you in 8 business days.



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