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HB 3000 Passed Round One; Update

After several weeks of cross-industry collaboration and 10 amendments, HB 3000 has passed out of the Committee on Rules with a recommendation to pass into Way and Means (Oregon Joint Committee).

This is the bill that has passed round one: HB3000 (

The time is now to contact Senators or Representatives with considerations and/or request any clarification.

Legislator Lookup (

  • After Ways and Means- onto the floor vote.
  • The session is over on June 27th.
  • Upon passage, the bill goes into immediate effect.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emergency funding and authority Granted to ODA/ OLCC to enforce farming compliance and mitigate a throng of illicit cannabis farming in Southern Oregon cannabis communities.
  • OLCC will regulate Delta-8 (a hemp-derived intoxicant) into the METRC regulated dispensary market.
  • Hemp Program (was a separate bill HB 2281) has been folded into HB 3000.
  • The tracking of hemp products, determination of intoxicating cannabinoids and general hemp enforcement policies have been syphoned off and will be addressed in an appointed task force to determine a hemp pathway that is congruent with industry standards.
  • ODA still has authority over hemp products.

“Hemp industry stakeholders and local regulators collaborated swiftly to address the urgent need for cultivation enforcement and a legal pathway for delta 8,” said Dylan Summers, President of the Association of Western Hemp Professionals. “We did it without abandoning the new hemp program language the industry has worked to develop over the past few years.”

There is still work to do, but the collaboration so far is encouraging for progress and open lines of communication.

Staff Measure Summary: 244037 (

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