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FDA releases new podcast on food safety!

Tune in for industry updates.

There is a new FDA Podcast out and it’s all about food safety. The first episode dropped on 4/29/21 and new episodes will be released quarterly.

“We are all food podcast junkies,” Columbia Labs GM, Derrick Tanner said. “Gastronomy podcast is a fun favorite, and we will all be tuning in to the new FDA podcast as they come out.”

The podcast “will focus on the development and use of new technologies to strengthen the ability of FDA, regulated industry, and others to accelerate prevention, increase the speed of outbreak response, and more swiftly adapt to crises that may affect human and animal food supply,” according to the FDA site.

Manufacturing for consumer goods requires a high level of safety practices and production management. Any manufacturer of consumer goods, be it food or cannabis, should tune in.

“Years and years ago, companies would hoard their knowledge, trying to keep a competitive edge over the competition,” said Jay White, key accounts specialist at Columbia Labs. “Now, people are sharing knowledge, resulting in collaboration that helps everyone in the industry. These podcasts will help facilitate knowledge sharing and improve food safety for all.”

To listen to the latest and subscribe to the podcast: New Era of Smarter Food Safety TechTalk Podcast | FDA

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