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Did you know? Columbia Laboratories tests water for Oregon based companies! From R&D pre-screens and drinking water to NPDES storm/wastewater permits, we have you covered.

There are many reasons to test your water. Columbia Labs empowers companies to effectively monitor the environment with results they can trust.

1. Screening for contaminants:

Test water sources before using in your production system.

This step is paramount to limit contaminant introduction that can harm your products, and those who consume them.

  • Heavy Metals and minerals
  • Organics
  • Microbiology- E. Coli, Listeria, Salmonella
  • Nutrients
  • Suspended and Dissolved Solids

2. NPDES Permit Compliance:

  • Wastewater
    • Use water in your process.
    • Must be treated before used again or returned to source.
  • Stormwater
    • Big Facilities
    • Outside drains discharge into natural waterways

3. Drinking Water (not permitted, but a good idea)

    • State Regulated
    • Used in food manufacturing


Columbia Laboratories is proud to provide the Northwest with reliable testing for the last two decades. We specialize in water testing and environmental monitoring.

If you have a permit, we’ll provide your needed testing to effectively monitoring your treatment system.

We can help you avoid regulation fines and minimize contaminant risks with trusted testing.


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