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Cannabis & Hemp

Columbia Laboratories is the one stop shop for quality analyses on products derived from or infused with hemp/ cannabis.

From seed to sale, we accurately quantify safety and quality parameters using vetted methods, advanced instrumentation, strict quality controls and decades of expertise.

Our services extend beyond state compliance requirements, to represent your products in the open market with meaningful data. Services for hemp/ cannabis are ISO 17025:2017 accredited, as well as TNI certified.

Columbia Laboratories:

  • The first TNI certified/ ORELAP accredited Cannabis testing lab in Oregon
  • The first ISO accredited Cannabis testing lab in Oregon
  • The only cannabis testing lab in Oregon to offer additional services such as nutritional and environmental testing
  • Leads the industry with ethical business practices and pertinent method development

For consultation on services, volume-based discounts, please contact customer service with your inquiry and we will be happy to work with you.

Cannabis Testing

Microbiology: 333-007-0390

We consistently score at or near 100% in microbiology proficiency testing from the American Proficiency Institute.  We provide services for a wide range of sectors including pathogen testing, quality indicators, Mycotoxins, sanitation monitoring, product testing, and shelf life studies.  Even if you have your own in-house QC lab, we can help with confirmation and consultation, if the need arises.

Pesticides: 333-007-0400

We are the pesticide experts. Our lab performs most comprehensive testing the industry. Our knowledge of pesticides and cannabis will assure that your product is pure and ready to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

We will test for the OLCC required list and go beyond that list so you can have peace of mind and the competitive advantage to make claims of purity for over 600 other pesticides.

We are one of the few labs that offer testing for the imidazolinone “imi’s” type of herbicides (Pursuit, Arsenal, Scepter, Raptor and Cadre) and the sulfonylurea herbicides “the SU’s” and  comprehensive individual tests for many of the more difficult to analyze pesticides such as glyphosate, spinosad and mesotrione.

Residual Solvents: 333-007-0410

Super-concentrated forms of Cannabis, or extracts, has become more popular in recent years. Solvents are often used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material.

Testing for Residual Solvents ensures that the producer’s concentration process is sound. It also verifies the use of impurity-free, high-quality solvents and confirms the proper and complete purging processes has been performed.

Our tests confirm that your product represents the highest quality standards available on the market.

Homogeneity: 333-007-0420

We will provide a COA demonstrating the consistency of your Extracts and infused products.

Potency: 333-007-0430

Cannabis potency is a crucial and popular known measurement of cannabis quality. Accurate potency levels determine safe and precise dosage levels.

Inaccurate results can ruin a producer’s reputation, lower your crop values and negatively affect your customer’s experience. Our best in class methodologies coupled with the most powerful instruments available supply our clients with legally defensible results every time.

Labeling: 333-007-0770

We provide basic FDA nutritional labeling plus optional nutrients, vitamins, major food allergen. We also do analysis for quality parameters, contaminants and preservatives.  Please ask us about your specific needs.


For questions about sampling or to schedule a sampling event please email:

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