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Columbia Laboratories’ people have experience analyzing potatoes as far back as 1970. We currently have two multi-residue screens (profiles), especially for potatoes. The P2400 is a low-cost profile designed primarily for domestic product, and, the P2401 is for product exported to Japan. Also available are individual analyses for pesticides not extractable by a multi-residue screen, but which are known to be used on potatoes. The following information is available by calling or e-mailing us:

Potato Testing

  • P2400 Potato Pesticide Profile – A low-cost profile for domestic potatoes.
  • P2401 Potato Pesticide Profile, Expanded for Japan export.
  • Price list for pesticides commonly used on potatoes (includes listing for P2400 & P2401 as well as individual tests)
  • Customized profiles can be designed upon request

Sprout Inhibitors
We can monitor the sprout inhibitor level in potatoes for:

  • CIPC
  • Diisopropylnaphthalene
  • 1,4-dimethyl naphthalene
  • Clove oil (as eugenol)

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