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Columbia Laboratories is the one stop shop for quality analyses on products derived from or infused with hemp/ cannabis.

From seed to sale, we accurately quantify safety and quality parameters using vetted methods, advanced instrumentation, strict quality controls and decades of expertise.

Our services extend beyond state compliance requirements, to represent your products in the open market with meaningful data. Services for hemp/ cannabis are ISO 17025:2017 accredited, as well as TNI certified.

Columbia Laboratories:

  • The first TNI certified/ ORELAP accredited Cannabis testing lab in Oregon
  • The first ISO accredited Cannabis testing lab in Oregon
  • The only cannabis testing lab in Oregon to offer additional services such as nutritional and environmental testing
  • Leads the industry with ethical business practices and pertinent method development

For consultation on services, volume-based discounts, please contact customer service with your inquiry and we will be happy to work with you.

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    Cannabis Testing

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    Accurate potency results are critical for final product formulations, defining safe dosages and legally defensible label claims.

    Your product and business reputation depends on accurate potency results. 

    We prove our accuracy and precision through third party proficiency testing. Our best in class methodologies, coupled with the most powerful instruments available bolster our clients with legally defensible results, every time.

    • Potency- Standard: 20 cannabinoids. Seed to Sale.
    • Potency- Purity: Pure products (>95%) such as Isolates and Terpenes.
    • Validated Trace LOQ for distillates ~ 0.01%


    We are the pesticide experts. Columbia Labs performs the most comprehensive testing in the hemp/canna industry, from seed to sale. See below for market-specific testing profiles.

    • Pesticides- Oregon:

    Regulated list for cannabis, 59 analytes. Matrices: soil, veg, extracts, infused products.

    • Pesticides- California:

    Regulated list and formatting for California cannabis.
    Matrices: soil, veg, extracts, infused products.

    • Pesticides- CanAM:

    Covers analytes and LOQs for USA recreational cannabis state’s requirements AND Health Canada- combined. Matrices: Terpenes, Cannabis Extracts and infused products.

    • Pesticides- Multi-Residue Screen:

    More than 370 analytes. Reference National Organic Profile.
    Matrices: soil, veg, extracts, infused products.

    Columbia is one of the few labs that offer testing in cannabis for:

    • Glyphosate: ISO accredited for cannabis matrices. Commonly known as round up.
    • Customized pesticide-profiles or “herbicide damage profiles” available upon request
    • Imidazolinone Herbicides; “imi” type of herbicides such as Pursuit, Arsenal, Scepter, Raptor and Cadre.

    Residual Solvents

    When solvents are used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material, the residual material left in the products is regulated with action levels to ensure safe consumption and inhalation.

    We offer several residual solvent profiles so you can ensure the product is compliant, impurity-free, and made with a high-quality process that purges impurities by testing for Residual Solvents.

    • Residual Solvents- Oregon: regulated list
    • Residual Solvents- California: Cat 1 and Cat 2 testing, CA MRLs
    • Residual Solvents- Health Canada: available for Terpenes extracts and infused products.
    • Residual Solvents- USP: Choose 3 solvents; Action limit 5,000 ppm.

    Heavy Metals

    Metals can be introduced at many control points and are carcinogenic at certain levels.  Cannabis absorbs metals from soil, air and water, may become contaminated during processing.

    We test for metals using ICP/MS.  We offer testing in many different types of samples including water, soil, extracts, topicals and edibles at very low levels of detection, to ensure consumer safety.

    • Heavy Metals Profile: Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead
    • Minerals- see pricelist


    Molds that produce mycotoxins are present in many crops, from nuts to coffee beans to cannabis.

    Mycotoxins can be carcinogenic and, we offer extensive analyte profiles for valuable data sets that meets strict testing parameters..

    Columbia Labs uses LC/MS/MS to quantify the following mycotoxins:

    • Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2
    • Deoxynivalenol (DON)
    • Fumonisin B1 & B2
    • Ochratoxin A & B
    • T-2 & HT-2 Toxins
    • Zearalenone (ZON)

    Terpene Profiling

    Terpenes give cannabis it’s distinctive flavor and aroma.  These compounds may enhance cannabis products’ effectiveness and define quality.

    Columbia Labs tests for terpenes using GC/MS, showcasing your products with a 40-terpene profile. 


    Columbia consistently scores at or near 100% in microbiology proficiency testing from the American Proficiency Institute. 

    We provide AOAC methods for a wide range of sectors including:

    • Pathogen testing
    • Quality indicators
    • Sanitation monitoring
    • Product testing
    • Confirmation and consultation for your in-house QC lab

    Rapid return for pathogen testing. (2 Day Turnaround)

    Services are offered a la cart and several recommended profiles for cannabis and infused products are available, such as:

    • Profile G (recommended for topicals/cosmetics)

    Aerobic Plate Count, Coliforms and E.Coli, Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus, Yeast and Mold

    • Profile X (recommended for edibles/ingestible products)

    Aerobic Plate Count, Ecoli O157, Listeria spp., Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus, Yeast and Mold

    Shelf Life and Stability Studies

    Columbia Labs offers real time studies and accelerated studies for raw ingredients and infused products.

    Our consultants will work with you to establish time and testing parameters for your study. You can customize analyses and intervals:

    • Shelf life: testing microbiological contaminants at intervals to establish an expiration or best-by date.
    • Stability: testing potency at intervals and tracking the conversion of cannabinoids over time, while controlling environmental factors.


    Columbia provides data for FDA nutritional labeling plus optional nutrients, vitamins, major food allergens.

    We also conduct analysis for quality parameters, contaminants, and preservatives. 

    • Pet Food – Guaranteed Analysis

    Calories (Metabolizable Energy), Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Crude Fiber, Moisture (Loss on Drying), Ash

    • Oregon Cannabis Nutrition Label

    Carbohydrates, Calories, Cholesterol, Sugars, Fat Sodium

    Sampling / Courier Services

    Our trained sampling team is TNI-Accredited for Environmental Sampling in Washington and Oregon.

    We are certified to sample cannabis in Oregon and offer courier and sampling services throughout Oregon, upon request. To request Cannabis compliance sampling please fill out and return the downloadable request form below.

    Sampling Fees

    • Option to waive fees with an analytical minimum
    • Range: $50 + $10/ sample to $150 + $10/ sample.

    For questions about sampling or to schedule a sampling event please email:

    Tentamus laboratories in your vicinity