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Canadian-American Contaminants Profiles; The most comprehensive testing on the market.

Regulations vary by region for hemp manufacturers and retailers in the US…Among the many difficulties this poses, this regulatory instability makes it exceedingly difficult to ensure compliance and that proper vendor specifications are met, or to qualify as a vendor for retail.

Now you can test hemp ingredients, products, and ancillary ingredients into any regulated United States’ hemp program, as well as into Health Canada- with one comprehensive contaminants test!

Since regulations vary the most on pesticides and solvents, Columbia Laboratories went above and beyond to validate the most comprehensive pesticide and solvent lists, covering all required analytes and LOQs for US State regulations and Health Canada’s testing requirements.

Order the CAN-AM Pesticide and CANAM Solvents profiles, to ensure your products meet all regulated pesticides and residual solvents action limits in North America.

“These profiles meet the strictest standards out there and we are proud to offer it,” said Kelly O’Connor, Columbia Labs. “These full panels have opened market doors for our clients and are also very useful for vendor vetting and online retailers, such as Amazon, to consider for international sales.”

Columbia Laboratories also offers comprehensive contaminants testing to meet international and state-by-state requirements. This includes validated Microbiology testing, Metals and Minerals testing, Shelf and Stability life studies, and validated trace LOQs for THC, CBN and CBD- required for international import.

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