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Beta Glucans Testing is now available

Columbia Laboratories now offers quantitative testing for yeast and mushrooms!

As the premier consumer safety laboratory in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years, Columbia Labs brings rock solid scientific fundamentals to the functional mushroom industry.

“We are excited to offer this for our diverse clients who are pushing market doors open with innovative supplement ingredients,” said Kelly O’Connor, Columbia Laboratories rep. “Working closely with our clients keeps us ahead of demands in a quickly evolving market.”

Market Snapshot

Supplement and food manufacturers that focus on consumer interest in herbal remedies and supplemental health strategies are turning their focus to the functional mushroom market.

According to consumer reports, the global functional mushroom market is projected to grow at least 10% in the next 5 years. A number of scientific studies have confirmed the ability of functional mushrooms and mushroom-derived supplements to increase the effectiveness of both innate and adaptive immune systems.

Testing Developments

Mushroom testing in the United States is developing in parallel to the expanding market.

To date, testing has been primarily in-house for mushroom growers, processors and manufactures. A small number of US laboratories offer testing for functional mushrooms.

However, as the market grows, consumers demand increasing transparency, products are becoming more complex, and the supply chain is looking for third-party validation and safety testing.

Testing now available at Columbia Laboratories

The β-Glucan Yeast & Mushroom Assay Kit is suitable for the measurement and analysis of 1,3:1,6-β-glucan and α-glucan in yeast and mushroom preparations, including powders, extracts and concentrates.

Turnaround time for Beta Glucans testing is 8 business days.

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