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ANALYSIS UPDATE: Faster Potency Testing and Cheaper Terpene Testing Available NOW

Potency Results in 3 Days

Columbia is now offering Potency-Only Reports with a STANDARD Turnaround of 3 Business Days.

This expedited test is available without a price increase for our valuable clients, due to additional HPLC instrumentation and in house training,

Samples that require additional testing along with potency will be reported with the STANDARD turnaround time of 5 business days, all on the same report.

Standard potency analysis includes 17 cannabinoids- and the list continues to grow.

Please contact client services for the full cannabinoid list and pricelists.

To request the expedited turnaround time, for potency only samples:

  1. Complete the appropriate Chain of Custody.
  2. On the COC, please request potency and list samples that only have potency analyses requested.
  3. Mark RUSH on the turnaround time section.

Terpene Testing: Price Drop for Terp Testing and Free Terpenes with Compliance Testing

Columbia Labs lowered the price and is offering free terpenes with compliance testing in Oregon.

  • PRICE DROP: $80.00 to $65.00
  • OFFER: Free Terpene test with Oregon Compliance batches.

Terpenes are the organic compounds that create the unique aroma of each cannabis plant. Terpenes are considered a key component of the Entourage Effect and often sought after for marketing and research purposes.

Terpene testing is not required by regulators but provides valuable insight for your process and consumers. Add terps to your request today!

Terpene List with LOQs:

Analyte  LOQ (%)
(-)-a-Terpineol  0.02
(-)-caryophyllene oxide  0.02
(-)-Guaiol 0.02
(-)-Isopulegol 0.02
(-)-ß-Pinene 0.02
(+)-Borneol 0.02
(+)-Cedrol 0.02
(+)-fenchol 0.02
(+)-Pulegone 0.02
(±)-Camphor 0.02
(±)-cis-Nerolidol 0.02
(±)-fenchone 0.02
(±)-trans-Nerolidol 0.02
(R)-(+)-Limonene 0.02
a-Bisabolol 0.02
a-cedrene 0.02
a-phellandrene 0.02
a-pinene 0.02
a-Terpinene 0.02
Camphene 0.02
cis-ß-Ocimene 0.0066
d-3-Carene 0.02
Eucalyptol 0.02
farnesene 0.02
gamma-Terpinene 0.02
Geraniol 0.02
Geranyl acetate 0.02
Humulene 0.02
Isoborneol 0.02
Linalool 0.02
Menthol 0.02
nerol 0.02
p-Cymene 0.02
Sabinene 0.02
Sabinene hydrate 0.02
ß-Caryophyllene 0.02
ß-Myrcene 0.02
Terpinolene 0.02
Total Terpenes 0.02
trans-ß-Ocimene 0.0133
valencene 0.02

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