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2020 Wildfires Study Results Published: How did smoke and ash affect flower and oil quality?

Smoke and Ash blocked the West Coast sun and blanketed open-air crops for weeks during the 2020 hemp and cannabis harvest season.

Columbia Labs and Tentamus Group joined forces with another long-standing Oregon company, Iverson Family Farms, to study the effects of Ash and Smoke on measurable contaminants for hemp oils.

As the scarlet sky reigned over their hemp crops, Giavanna Accurso, Director for R&D, collected samples from soil, hemp colas coated in ash and smoke, and hemp colas that were washed by rain. The daily AQI from the Beachie Creek Fire on their farm was 300-500.

Each sample was processed through to distillate to observe any contamination concentration or pass through.

“This research is critical to the industry, from crop insurance to consumer safety,” said Derrick Tanner, GM of Columbia Laboratories. “We are proud to support the rapidly developing needs of the hemp community with reliable testing and collaborative service.”

Overall, oil processed from hemp that was grown within 8-10 miles of the Beachie Creek Forest tested below regulated action levels for cannabis, and passed action levels set for similar crops, when applicable.

Heavy Metals, Smoke taint and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s) are all by products of concern during wild fires. Heavy Metals are a required analysis for California Cannabis and Smoke Taint is commonly tested in the wine industry. While toxicity studies for metals and Smoke taint in CBD products are lacking, the levels measured in these samples were below what would be considered harmful in other crops like grapes. Results for PAH’s in this study were below the Limit of Quantitation (LOQ).

Tests were performed by Columbia Laboratories and with the help of global Tentamus group:

  • PAH*
  • Smoke Taint
  • Potency
  • Metals

*out of network analysis


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Wildfire Smoke and its Effects on Hemp Oil Quality



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