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Pixis Labs / Columbia Food Laboratories merge names to become Columbia Laboratories

Please welcome Columbia Laboratories as the Pacific Northwest’s latest brand for high quality analytical testing. Formerly known collectively as “Pixis Labs” and “Columbia Food Laboratories,” our new name more accurately reflects our consolidated mission to support public health and safety though expanded testing options.

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Pesticides & Residues

Helping farmers maintain safe usage of these chemicals during every phase of the growing process. … more


Testing for a wide variety of needs from nutrition parameters and quality to contaminants and preservatives. … more


Microbiological analyses for common food-borne human pathogens, food spoilage organisms, mycotoxins, etc. … more

Cannabis & Hemp

ORELAP accreditation means our laboratory has both the quality systems and technical capabilities to perform required testing. … more


Specializing in honey authentication and adulteration. Using the most up-to-date methods for SCIRA, pesticides, antibiotics, and others. … more


Accurate, reliable and on time reporting to help you keep your system healthy, safe and in compliance. … more

Latest News

Free Well Water Testing For Oregonians Impacted by Wildfires

Get your OHA Voucher and submit well-water samples to Columbia Laboratories for safety testing. From now until May 15th, Oregon Health Authority is issuing vouchers for well water testing to qualified residential well owners who have been impacted by the 2020 wildfires. Residents may apply for a well water testing voucher on the Oregon Health
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Mycotoxins Poison Pet Food: Test for Toxins and Protect the Pets.

One of the largest US recalls of pet food was carried out in January, but not before nearly 100 dogs consumed fatal levels of Aflatoxins and got ill or died. “This is an avoidable tragedy,” said Jennifer Rowe, Microbiology Manager at Columbia Laboratories. “Testing for toxins early in the supply chain protects the consumer
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Tentamus donates to Berlin animal shelter

The analysis, safety and quality of animal feed is not just a service for the laboratories of the Tentamus Group, but a matter of the heart. Therefore, the team around the CEO’s Abgar Barseyten and Dr. Jochen P. Zoller has decided to donate to the Animal Welfare Association for Berlin (Tierschutzverein für Berlin). The Tentamus
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Did you know? Columbia Laboratories tests water for Oregon based companies! From R&D pre-screens and drinking water to NPDES storm/wastewater permits, we have you covered.

There are many reasons to test your water. Columbia Labs empowers companies to effectively monitor the environment with results they can trust. 1. Screening for contaminants: Test water sources before using in your production system. This step is paramount to limit contaminant introduction that can harm your products, and those who consume them. Heavy Metals
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Lessons Learned: Avoid Recall and Protect the Pups! Test for Toxins for all Pet Products with Columbia Labs.

One of the largest US recalls of pet food was carried out in January, but not before nearly 100 dogs consumed fatal levels of Aflatoxins and got ill or died. The CBD-infused pet food industry can and should learn from this recall and include mold and mycotoxin testing in their raw materials vetting process.
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