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Pixis Labs / Columbia Food Laboratories merge names to become Columbia Laboratories

Please welcome Columbia Laboratories as the Pacific Northwest’s latest brand for high quality analytical testing. Formerly known collectively as “Pixis Labs” and “Columbia Food Laboratories,” our new name more accurately reflects our consolidated mission to support public health and safety though expanded testing options.

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Pesticides & Residues

Helping farmers maintain safe usage of these chemicals during every phase of the growing process. … more


Testing for a wide variety of needs from nutrition parameters and quality to contaminants and preservatives. … more


Microbiological analyses for common food-borne human pathogens, food spoilage organisms, mycotoxins, etc. … more

Cannabis & Hemp

ORELAP accreditation means our laboratory has both the quality systems and technical capabilities to perform required testing. … more


Specializing in honey authentication and adulteration. Using the most up-to-date methods for SCIRA, pesticides, antibiotics, and others. … more


Accurate, reliable and on time reporting to help you keep your system healthy, safe and in compliance. … more

Latest News

Sodium vs Salt: Nutritional Facts Labeling Update

The FDA is allowing for label changes for sodium substitutes. The goal is to improve public health as sodium consumption continues to be above recommended intakes in the United States.  Manufacturers are formulating products to reduce sodium content by using potassium chloride as a substitute ingredient for some sodium chloride.  So, the FDA has taken
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Streamlined vitamin and nutritional analyses – faster, efficient and more precise.

Beginning April 1,2021, Vitamins testing and Nutritional testing will be automated and extracted simultaneously, streamlining the procedure and increasing precision- due to the addition of Ankom Flex analyte extractors.  Analytes on the list:  Retinol Beta-Carotene Cholesterol Tocopherols Vitamin D  And that is just the start. Future method developments for automated extraction include Vitamin K, and
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Free Amino Acids testing is now available in Cannabis/CBD crossover matrices

As the Infused Product market grows, so does the need for accurate nutritional analysis, specifically for cannabis-extract-infused products, which have unique interferences and considerations.  Columbia bridges the gap of nutritional and cannabis testing by validating nutritional analysis in specific types of infused matrices.  The latest in nutritional developments is the offer for Free Amino Acids
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New Hires lead to New Methods

Jonathan Bousselaire joins the Columbia Environmental Analyst II team, and hits the ground running with Waste-Water method developments- available this spring. Jon brings more than 15 years of testing expertise to the Columbia Team, specializing in data validation and environmental compliance. “We are making quick progress developing a method that combines Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs, for waste-water,
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Updated Forms, Faster TAT and Price Drop

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fresh Forms, Faster TAT and Lower Pricing Environmental testing is faster, lower priced, and easier to request. “We lowered the cost of almost all analysis and have several options for turnaround times,” James Forrest, Environmental Department Manager. “Water testing is necessary for quality public health, so everyone should have access to reliable testing.” Sample
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Regulation Station: Oregon (OLCC, OHA, ODA)

The OLCC announces that D8 is not allowed into Oregon Recreational Dispensary Market… Because commercial-scale use of Delta-8 is so new, the short-term and longterm health effects of Delta-8 and the other chemical byproducts are unknown. Additionally, allowing the unchecked conversion of CBD into Delta-9 would dramatically impact the OLCClicensed marijuana marketplace by undercutting the
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